Sunday, August 11, 2013

Who is your champion?

Education is simply the soul
of a society as it passes from
one generation to another.
-           Gilbert K. Chesterton
 Ok folks, this quote is insightful, but it does not mean that we should pass down the same educational tools and methods from one generation to another.  Times are changing, technology is growing at a record pace, and our children are becoming smarter and smarter.  In order to provide them with the best possible education, we as educators must update our methods.  Stop and think; some of the children we are teaching today will be living on the Moon and possibly Mars.  Are we preparing them for this? 
So what does this mean?  So how do we catch up?  The answer lies with technology, but of course this is easier said than done.  By some accounts technology becomes obsolete every 18 months.  This means that the Apps, programs, and hardware we purchase today, will be obsolete by the end of the next school year.  This presents a dilemma for schools as they struggle for funding as it is.  Purchasing new laptops or I pads every other year is simply out of the question.
The solution will ultimately be the creativity of teachers.  Even today, as most schools are not able to convert to 1:1 I pads teachers’ must come up with creative ways to provide their students with proper access.  These “Education Technology Champions” can be found nationwide.  They refuse to except the status quo and simply do the best with what they have.  Need a champion?  Get into Twitter…they are all over the place and very willing to help! 

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