Monday, July 22, 2013

So here I sit, an unemployed teacher...

So here I sit, an unemployed teacher, inspired yet disconsolate, wanting to use my life experiences to educate and inspire kids, any kids, to unlock their potential.  I have had three interviews thus far, but it seems administrators are not willing to take a chance on a first year teacher.  I completely understand especially given the fact that well over 100 teachers applied for these positions.  So I trudge on, doing the only thing I know how…preserver!

As I wait for the next opportunity I find myself dreaming of time when I finally do get my opportunity.  I have so many visions of things I would do in my classroom that I sometimes find it hard to sleep.  I play out classroom scenarios in my mind, fine tuning them, just waiting for the right time.  I see lessons about the cloning of the Woolly Mammoth and what it would do to the Eco-System.  I see PowerPoint Slides, I see dioramas, I see inspired learning, and most of all I see fun.   I dream about inspiring kids about science through things like Steve Spangler’s Sick Science.  Using quick but amazing science demonstrations to peak the kid’s interest then pushing them to explore further, perhaps develop their own science experiments.   

I want to explore the world with my students, reaching out to my contacts in Japan, Germany, Korea, and other countries.  We will share our daily routines exploring the differences in our cultures and how the size of the world has shrunk since the invention of the internet.  We can share pictures and blogs expressing our interests while reaching out to others to join our conversations.  I see using technology to its full potential bringing information into the classroom and opening the minds of the students.

I see math becoming interesting as we explore Kahn Academy.  Using the tools available to instill the basic skills of mathematics into the young minds, then allowing them to grow at their own pace, surpassing the standards if they so desire.  Imagine a 4th grade child taking on the challenge of Algebra!  Anything is possible!

I also see a community being brought together through the school.  Using blogs and other social media to keep the community involved in what our school is doing.  Peaking community interest will increase community participation and provide much needed support.  All too often members of the community are unaware of what is going on in the schools.  By opening the doors, through social media, we can allow community members to see the good our students are doing.

I see so much happening, but alas, it is but a dream of mine, for now…

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