Sunday, July 21, 2013

Class Dojo, a review...


An ancient art crafted into a modern technology…

While performing classroom observation for my Introduction to Education class I was introduced to an I Pad Application called “CLASS DOJO”.  The application was labeled as a classroom management tool that is capable of tracking classroom behavior of all students.   At the time, Class Dojo was only an I Pad application.  It has since been made available for Android as well as becoming web based.  So what does this application do for us?

Class Dojo is a simple to use program that provides a smooth interface between teachers, parents, and students.  Initial set-up requires basic information such as student names and parents email addresses.  The teacher inputs the data and sets up the class make-up.  The teacher then sets parameters like notification times and report type (class or individual).  You can also use the basic behaviors that are provided, or you may create your own.  Also available is a “demo class” where teachers can experiment and tailor the information to meet their needs.

Here is what others are saying about this application:

“There are a lot of things I like about this service. I like how easy it is to get started and   use. I know of plenty of teachers that abandon services because they get stuck and don’t know what    to do. Here will not be the case.”

-           Patrick Cauley  (ITBABBLE.COM)

Class Dojo allows you to set up a specific list of positive and negative behaviors for you to       track.  Each student gets a cute little monster avatar (it assigns a random one by default, but           you can go in and change it later) and you can assign points by clicking on the avatar.”

-          Ms. Nicole Roberts  (

“As a teacher, I like it because it helps me to keep track of all sorts of things and I can generate      a report to give feedback to my class.  It has really flagged up a few things that had kind of               been going under the radar a bit - certain children who have been interrupting or getting out        of their chairs more than necessary that I had kind of let slide a bit.”

-          Sally Harris (

While reading some of the reviews, I did come across some negatives.  Most negative comments related to the interface of the program and the fact that it takes up the entire screen when is use.  This can be an issue for classes that use the teachers PC frequently for the class.  Using an I PAD for this program is one way to overcome this issue.  Below is link to the Class Dojo Website.  It is also available on the I PAD and through the Android Play store.


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