Saturday, July 13, 2013

Is this the future of education? 

The creator of Khan Academy ( ) Salman Kahn collaborated with a California School District to reinvent 5th Grade Math.  The resulting self-paced, video based curriculum has the potential to send shock waves through the world of education.  The program is completely autonomous system where the students work at their own pace.

The students’ progress is tracked and progress is available to the teachers in real time.  The program shows where and when the student struggles so the teacher(s) can direct their focus to the student’s needs.  While it is not mentioned in the video, I would imagine the data is also made available to administrators as well as parents.  The data can be tailored to fit the schools/teachers/administrators needs and includes graphs and charts for easy analyzing.  The video only mentions math, I am sure it can be used for English and reading lessons as well.

Are we (as educators) going to become extinct? 
Watch the video below…


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